Domestic Abuse (Module 1) - An Introduction (Level 1)


The material in this course is not suitable for children. If you are accessing this course outside of the workplace, please make sure you are alone and children are not able to hear or see the information. 

Statistics estimate that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men have been or currently are victims of domestic abuse in the UK​, so it is likely that someone completing this course will have experienced domestic abuse or know someone who has been affected. Please look after your wellbeing:

  • Take a break if you need to
  • Seek support from managers or within supervision
  • Contact one of the services mentioned for support 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain an understanding of domestic abuse
  • Understand the impact of domestic abuse and some of the barriers faced by vulnerable groups
  • Learn about the national response to domestic abuse
  • Identify emerging trends
  • Understand the impact on children 
  • Responding to concerns
  • Know where to find help and information